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de·​signal | di-ˈzīn How to pronounce design (audio)

designed; designing; designs

transitive verb

1 : to create, vogue, execute, or assemble based on plan : devise, contrive design a system for monitoring stock

2a : to conceive and plan out within the thoughts
he designed the proper crime

b : to have as a objective : intend she designed to excel in her research

c : to plot for a particular operate or finish
a e-book designed primarily as a university textbook a suitcase designed to carry a laptop computer pc

3 archaic : to point with a particular mark, signal, or title

4a : to make a drawing, sample, or sketch of
… a curious girl whose clothes all the time regarded as if that they had been designed in a rage …— Oscar Wilde

b : to attract the plans for
design a constructing designing a brand new bike

intransitive verb

1 : to conceive or execute a plan

2 : to attract, lay out, or put together a design was skilled to design for houses and workplaces

1a : a specific objective or intention held in view by a person or group
He has bold designs for his son.

b : deliberate purposive planning
extra accidentally than design

2 : a psychological challenge or scheme by which means to an finish are laid down
was by no means a part of my design

3a : a deliberate undercover challenge or scheme : plot a declaration of a design upon his life— John Locke

b designs plural : aggressive or evil intent
used with on or towardshe has designs on the cash

4 : a preliminary sketch or define displaying the principle options of one thing to be executed
the design for the brand new stadium

5a : an underlying scheme that governs functioning, creating, or unfolding : sample, motif the overall design of the epic

b : a plan or protocol for finishing up or engaging in one thing (corresponding to a scientific experiment) additionally : the method of getting ready this

6 : the association of parts or particulars in a product or murals
… his sense of construction, each within the basic design of Paradise Misplaced and Samson, and in his syntax …— T. S. Eliot

7 : an ornamental sample
a floral design

8 : the artistic artwork of executing aesthetic or purposeful designs studied design in faculty

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