101+ Modular Kitchen Design Ideas With Price Online in India [2021]

Modular Kitchen design from Woodenstreet to fuel up your kitchen Kitchen design, with its incredible innovation, has become part of our lives. Whether it is an office or kitchen, modernity is what each section demands. With innovation and creativity, modern kitchen furniture design welcomes latest ideas with respect to kitchen […]

Modular Kitchen design from Woodenstreet to fuel up your kitchen

Kitchen design, with its incredible innovation, has become part of our lives. Whether it is an office or kitchen, modernity is what each section demands. With innovation and creativity, modern kitchen furniture design welcomes latest ideas with respect to kitchen interior, placements and the appliances. Intelligible counter tops, alluring colors, clean lines, complementary design features along with basic shapes give way to what we call modular kitchen design.

At the wooden street, we take the modern needs and desires into consideration and offers modern kitchen design facility to enrich your kitchen decor and to ensure that you get what you dream to have in your beautiful kitchen. We believe that if you have to gain something, you have to lose your precious things but to have a modular kitchen design in the house you just need to take a small amount of time from your busy schedule and fill the consultation form available on the website to have a dream kitchen.

Latest Modular kitchen design Catalogue at Wooden street

With wooden street, you will find the perfect match and latest modular kitchen design Ideas. The kitchen is the heart of every home as it provides nourishment thus designing it with all the basic appliances and necessities is a must. Our range of products accommodates both small and large kitchen. We have the latest kitchen furniture designs that would suit the aesthetics of your interiors and match the budget. We offer straight modern kitchen design to have an organised and spacious look. Parallel kitchen furniture design if you want extra space to keep all your modular kitchen accessories and appliances. L-shaped kitchen design to cover up your corner space. U-shaped kitchen design if you have an open living plan and want a platform that can also be used as a dining table and island kitchen design if you have ample space for your kitchen. All these setups have their benefits and provide a kitchen decor to the house with their style and shape.

Modern Kitchen design (किचन की डिजाइन) to enhance your kitchen interior

Designing a kitchen with all the latest appliances and modular kitchen accessories is something that we cannot do every day. The setting of it requires more thought and efforts than decorating other rooms of the house. Thus to give you an organized space with all the latest kitchen design facilities we have brought you with plenty of options that would complete the desired look. We offer base units that will help you to accommodate the modular kitchen accessories and utensils. Bottle units so that you can store bottles and jars of any size and shape easily even if space seems jam-packed. Corner units to fill up your corner space in a useful way, wall units to store your bulky utensils and food boxes and much more.

Wooden Street offers you with the complete arrangement for your open modular kitchen design or small kitchen furniture design where you can shop for each and everything that would give it an ultimate look. You can select from the plethora of options of acrylic, laminates, glass shutters for the storage area. You can have a look at the complete sets of kitchen utensils, be it a flatware, knife and much more. You can choose the countertops in different colours in quartz and granite with beautiful and compact stove designs and chimney sets and much more.

Modular Kitchen Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Interiors

Small kitchen design

The galley kitchen, which often termed as corridor style is one of the most popular layouts for small kitchen design. In this type of modular kitchen design, storage is reserved for upper and lower cabinets, while leave enough counter space for cooking purposes.

Modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen design usually featured flat surfaces, geometric pattern, no fuss and little or no ornamentation. The cabinets, especially in this kitchen design are often defined by a sleek and simple design, showcasing little or no hardware details.

Best kitchen designs

Best kitchen design offers an efficient and comfortable workspace that looks good and comfortable to cook in. These type of kitchen designs provide maximum support and convenience while working.

L Shaped kitchen design

L shaped modular kitchen design is the standard design of home kitchen in which the kitchen is built at a corner where two walls form a perpendicular angle and where one wall is twice the length of the other. This type of kitchen design works well in small and medium sized spaces.

U Shape kitchen design

U-shaped kitchen design comprises of workspace on three adjoining walls of cabinetry, with an open end for easy access. The three walls in this are lined with cabinets and appliances. Its u-shape modern kitchen design makes it easy for everyone to make use of various areas of the kitchen.

Perk up your modular kitchen space with Wooden street

Woodenstreet believes that people are looking for modular kitchen design that will stay in good condition for a long time. So to fulfill this, we offer a broad range of kitchen cabinets made from the high-quality material. You can choose from Marine plywood or pre-laminated particle board to give your kitchen cabinets a durable and shiny look. Also, we provide a 2D and 3D view of your customised kitchen design to give you a perfect view of your kitchen. Each kitchen unit is handled with absolute care and detailing by our expert team of designers and artisans who are there to consult you at every step.

Does the thought of customising your kitchen with limited space is haunting you? Then do not worry because Woodenstreet can do it in few hours. So what are you waiting for? Fill up the form and book your consultation, so that we can design your dream kitchen. It is because your kitchen starts with you. A comprehensive list of modular kitchen designs price list and material, units, and kitchen accessories options are available on the website so that you can think over and consider all the possibilities available to you before finalising on the perfect one.

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