The Concept Of Vehicle Leasing—What Are Its Pros And Cons?

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Vehicle leasing is the use of a motor vehicle for some time for an agreed amount of money. Leasing can have you hold the car for years with the option to buy or return to the car lease companies after the time of use. In this case, a car lease is different from car rental services.

What Is The Process Involved In Obtaining A Car Lease?

You do not need to get a loan or pay a large sum of money with a vehicle lease. You get to drive a new car around without leaving your account in the red. To make a lease, you make a down payment of, most times, less than 20% of the original value of the car followed by monthly payments for the duration of the lease. When the period of the lease expires, you will have to return the vehicle. First, you will … Read More

What are the Top Jobs in the Automobile Industry?

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The automotive industry has been a thriving part of the US economy since 1908 when Ford began making pocket-friendly cars for the average American. In recent years, job opportunities in the automotive industry have risen.

The competition to increase patronage and annual sales turnover have made car manufacturers (both local and foreign) jostle to employ the services of the best hands in the industry. Doing quick research about car companies will reveal the following automotive career options as the most sought after, and in some cases, the highest paying in the industry.

1.  Sales Manager

This is the category of people who indirectly keep the assembly plants running mostly from the comfort of their offices. They device innovative ways of showcasing the car manufacturer’s products to the niche customers; in effect, their job is to keep the manufactured cars from gathering dust on the shelf. If you are looking to … Read More

Home Service Mobil Di Masa Pandemi Covid – 19

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Mobil merupakan alat transportasi yang sangat dibutuhkan oleh masyarakat pada umumnya, karena karena alat transportasi mobil dijaman sekarang ini bukanlah sesuatu yang bisa dikatakan sebagai barang istimewa seperti dahulu. Hampir semua golongan masyarakat sekarang memiliki mobil untuk kebutuhan sehari – hari. Disamping efisien karena memuat banyak orang, mobil juga bisa digunakan untuk mencari nafkah bagi sebagian orang.

Akan tetapi tentunya kita tidak dapat memakainya saja, karena alat transportasi seperti mobil juga membutuhkan perawatan berkala seperti kendaraan bermotor lainnya agar mobil tersebut awet digunakan dan tahan lama. Adapun perawatan pada mobil adalah sama seperti motor ataupun yang lainnya, adalah meliputi :

  1. Ganti Ole Mesin
  2. Cek / Ganti Aki Mobil
  3. Perawatan Mesin
  4. Cek Tekanan Angin Ban / Ganti Ban
  5. Cek AC Mobil
  6. Cek Audio Mobil
  7. Pasang Kaca Film Mobil, dsb.

Yang jadi permasalahan sekarang adalah adanya wabah pandemic corona / covid – 19 yang menyebabkan tidak semua bengkel service membuka bengkelnya secara … Read More

How to buy OEM motorcycle parts

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You can purchase motorcycle parts in an actual store selling all kinds of motorcycle parts, from a licensed dealer or even at a repair shop. But like with everything else these days, you can also buy motorcycle parts online. There are a very wide variety of options to choose from for both OEM motorcycle parts and aftermarkets. Nowadays you can even buy motorcycle parts from shops that in other countries. This has made things much easier in many ways. You have a much larger variety of motorcycle parts to choose from both in terms of the product that you are buying and also in terms of the price of that product. But this wide variety also has its downsides sometimes.

Buying OEM motorcycle parts vs aftermarkets

So what are the downsides of having a very large variety to choose from for buying motorcycle parts and especially for purchasing motorcycle parts … Read More